by Native Tribes

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released August 13, 2016

Music written and performed by Native Tribes.
Lyrics written by Alex Steele.
Preproduction for tracks 'Mammoth', 'Hollowed,' and 'Resist', by Dan Knittel.
Music recored, mixed, and mastered by Julian Mazzola.
Guitars reamped by Ian Van Opijnen.
Album art by Anthony Chavez of Delta Options.
Album art concept by Alex Steele.



all rights reserved


Native Tribes Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mammoth (Featuring Josh Carley of Under Fire)
Can we try this again?
I know it's hard to fix what's already broken.
I watched you roam out on your own,
Now I want you to come home.
I can't believe that you'd just pack your bags and leave
After everything you're dwelling on the arguments of past events.
How could you do this?
Is this the payment for what I've done?
What have you become?
The storm's growing stronger and it's pulling us apart.
Every night I lie awake.
Close my eyes and I see your face.
Disappear in all your dreams.
I want you to remember me.
You've been gone for far too long.
Do you feel alone now that you're on your own?
Trust me I'll guide you home.
I'm afraid to say my biggest fears have come to life.
I'll give you one chance, one last chance to make this all right.
No self control, you let me down and now everybody knows
That honestly it's killing me and pulling at my soul.
I'll wait for you again as I say goodbye for the thousandth time.
I try and I try just to clear my mind.
This weight is pulling me down and I don't think I have the strength
To walk away and leave this all behind, no not this time.
Selfish intentions will only leave an empty frame.
Apologies washed up in the rain.
Track Name: Resist
I got carried away and lost sight of everything.
Forgot the meaning of living.
You placed the blame I guess I would've done the same.
I took all that I could take.
Oh no I've lost control of this.
I needed substance to let go of all of it.
Fight to survive.
Give me some kind of sign.
I need a way to leave this state of mind.
Resist the drug that poisoned me.
I need clarity.
I swear to you this will all be over soon.
There's nothing left for me to lose.
The brighter side of me has died and yet I'm still alive.
I know I'll make it out this time.
Show me that there's something to believe.
Just give me clarity.
Track Name: Hollowed
Alone again.
Waging war with second chances.
Neglecting all the consequences.
Falling into circumstances
I cannot control learning how to love.
Test my patience for the last time.
I'll keep my distance 'til you're out of sight.
Oh, I feel it again.
I saw it from the start, all along.
Now it's over, I feel it again.
I tore myself apart for you.
I still remember how you just turned and walked away
In search of better life and hope to leave the past at bay.
I've fought so hard for too long.
It's not worth it I'm better than this.
I'm better than this.
I'm better.
Track Name: Deserver
You tried so hard your legs are weak.
You've travelled far with nowhere left to reach.
I can see you feel alive when time is on your side.
You'll never know where you belong.
Run away from me.
I'll bury your skeleton beneath the sea so effortlessly.
How does it feel to fight for your life
When no one else is on your side to satisfy your disease?
Surrender, you are searching for something that you will never find.
Conspire against the ones who held you down
And left you to fall behind again.
Face the facts, there's no turning back.
You have to live with the life you lack.
Time after time,
You followed the map that led the wrong way back to life.
An old photograph to relive the past.
It's easy to see that
Track Name: Snowing (Featuring Josh Herzer of Lions Lions)
Another day we separate.
The clouds are rolling in.
It's not too late to escape.
When you don't know where to go follow
My footsteps in the snow.
They'll only go so far until
You choose to lose it all.
Here I am, I'm on the outside
Fighting for something more than ever before.
Losing light, I'll keep you alive.
Look at me, why can you see I'm not your enemy?
We'll try to find the peace of mind that we've been searching for.
We've been to blind all this time.
I was doubted from the start.
Left alone and in the dark.
Fill this emptiness and settle the differences now.
Winter is coming.
The dead men are walking our way.
You sent me down.
Even after I gave my life to the night.
You stabbed me in the chest with eyes wide open.
I am the fire that burns against the cold.
I am the light that brings the dawn.
Brothers of mine, don't give into the hate.
I'll put an end to all of it with open eyes and open arms.
Brothers of mine, stand together.
Hold your head above it all.
With open eyes and open arms, we'll make it through the night.
Oh, I feel it again.
I saw it from the start, all along.
How does it feel to fight for your life when no one else is on your side to satisfy your disease?